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What Kind of Music Do You Play?


This is the number one question we’ve been asked for a long time.
If I had to pick I’d say Americana, Blues, and a touch of “Beach Music”.


When I bought my Saturn it came with a 3 month trial to XM Satellite Radio. There was a station called X-Country which was a “Cross Country” Channel that played what they called “alt-County”. Their playlist contained many of the songs we perform. More recently, since Sirius bought  XM and killed that channel, (bad move Sirius) the only thing that comes close is the “Deep Tracks” channel.


The term “deep tracks” probably is a pretty good way to describe what we do when we pick songs. It seems we always found ourselves liking “other” songs on albums more than the ones getting all the airplay on the radio, which usually required going deeper into the album. Well old habits die hard and we still look for the “other” songs to bring to our shows so our audiences get something different to enjoy. I feel that is part of the job of being a musician. We are the ones that should be doing the research and bringing new songs for people to hear. It used to be the job of the radio DJ, but that is no longer the case.

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